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Lisa Campbell

Co Owner

Lisa has provided careful watch over the Media Madnez accounting, finance and human resource teams for more than 25 years, having been successively promoted based on her outstanding achievements and valuable leadership. During her tenure, she has become a highly regarded and inspirational leader throughout the organization and a true ambassador of the company’s culture, grounded in building strong relationships. In her role, she brilliantly balances the daily operational expenses of multiple lines of business, with financing the company’s growth strategies and managing the payment and receivable transactions through the company’s vast network of strategic partners.

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Owner and CEO

Rodney leads Media Madnez by instilling the critical importance of building strong customer and partner relationships. In his view, every interaction along the value chain of delivering solutions presents an opportunity to earn respect and become an irreplaceable strategic asset to the customer. As such, Rodney has cultivated a culture of complete customer excellence; empowering service delivery professionals with the ability to provide the right solutions and experience the long-term value of becoming a trusted technology partner. For Rodney, the company’s ability to continually achieve aggressive revenue growth and profitability goals starts with an intimate knowledge of the customer, their environment, and needs.

Kevin Rodriguez

Kevin Rodriguez,

Project Manager

Programmer/ Installer

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